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Ceramic Coating vs PPF

Application of PPF
PPF(Paint Protection Film) Application

Application of Ceramic coating on Applicator
Ceramic coating


Welcome to the comparison between ceramic coatings and paint protection film (PPF), providing insight for beginners on the best ways to protect their vehicles. We will discuss one by one the difference in PPF and Ceramic Coating

Section 1: What exactly is Ceramic Coating

In the market there are many ways to protect the paint finish for example: carnauba wax, paint sealants and protection films.But ceramic coatings stand out as a marvel. Comprising advanced chemical formulations of silica, these coatings makes a thin glass layer over the clear coat of vehicle and it is Actually Liquid Glass!!. Yeah No Doubt about it And it has 9H Hardness.

Application procedure is too long but results outshines the hard work that it takes. Benefits such as an enhanced shine, resistance against UV rays, and the sheer ease of cleaning.

Section 2: The Transparent Shield - Paint Protection Film (PPF): If we move one step up for protection of our expensive vehicle then Paint protection film (PPF) is a NO Brainer.It has amazing healing properties i.e. When we heat up the area which has scratches it gets cured just by heat!!

, a transparent shield against the adversities your car faces daily. This invisible armor acts as a physical barrier, shielding your vehicle from stone chips, scratches, and various external threats. Let's explore the wonders of PPF and the added layer of defense it brings to your cherished ride.

Conclusion: I woud say Ceramic coating As we wrap up this comprehensive guide, revisit the essential points discussed in each section. Recognize that the choice between ceramic coatings and PPF hinges on your unique preferences, budget considerations, and the level of protection you seek. Armed with knowledge, embark on the journey of automotive care with confidence, making the right decision for your cherished vehicle.

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